Dream on the Journey or Night in a Train. (20kb)

Dream on the Journey or Night in a Train.
Mixed media on paper. 1985. 21,5" x 27,5".

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A man is travelling in a train from one city to another, and it seems, that the movement is obvious, indisputable and apparent. But at this very time from another city a similar train is going too. For each traveller there has remained his personal locked door at home. He takes with himself a suitcase, and at home he has left his clock, his turned off electric bulb, and he himself remains there a little bit.
Behind every person there is a huge number of subjects, the same for each. All people are similar.
Leaving a place, the man seems to start to live in several other places, like an emigrant - in the country of permanent residence he will always live in the current year, and at the same time - he will live in his former country, in the year, when he left it. But from another place to the third someone else is moving. In every city there is an identical number of people. Moving is illusory. And the trains have grown together; they are like standing, unmoveable corridors. The fact that they move from place to place is in general an illusion. But this illusion of movement is deep, fine, interesting; it is worth being analysed.