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Four Still Lives with a Hidden Sense.(41kb)

Four Still Lives with a Hidden Sense.
Mixed media on paper.2000. 36" x 29".

I'll never forget, as once, returning home on a summer's night, I suddenly felt that special state of warmth and calm air, silence and nocturnal transparency. The light of stars and street lamps was pouring through the foliage. It was so clean and quiet around, that the street appeared to be an apartment, but a very large one. Suddenly the abyss, which separates an interior and exterior vanished for a minute. The buildings seemed like pieces of furniture of such huge sizes, as it only happens in one's early childhood. A flower-bed looked like a pot with flowers, a street lamp - as a huge standard lamp. And I very acutely understood then, that we are inclined to accept the same objects in various ways. Many things, taken out of houses to a street and brought back home from street look unnatural. We ourselves are changed by passing through a doorway. We are so different on the different sides of an entrance door. And we animate even inanimate subjects in our subconscious mind exclusively to our own image and similarity.
In the picture there are 4 still-lifes: one is on a chest of drawers, which is similar to an apartment house; the second - on a chair, looking like a church, the third - on a buffet symbolising an administrative - public building. All this together, on a tray of the floor, is still-life too.
All this together makes up one picture. That is these still-lifes are true with hidden, maybe "unopenable", sense. For each of us the sense is his own, because each lives in his own system. A man is locked between the private, the public and the religious. These three spheres are merged into one, general domain, which is trinity.