Harmony of Incompatible. (24kb)

Harmony of Incompatible.
Harmony of Incompatible. Mixed media on paper. 2000. 22" x 30".

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Such is a quality of a human nature - however scattered it is, any movement, any thing always has two sides. The left-hand part of the picture is technical-fancy, the right-hand - living. The universe as a whole is profoundly harmonic. There exist at all levels mutually-destroying and mutually incompatible things, but they keep transforming one into another. A person is in the process of development and what he once considered unworthy of his attention, suddenly invokes his concern. And on the contrary the things that interested him suddenly become indifferent. Any philosophy has its beginning and end, and life is not endless. There are many points of view, they fly, creep, run, float and their combinations with all their apparent noncompatibility (as, say, the living and the mechanical) give life to harmony.
Getting old, we carefully keep in our hearts till the end of our lives sweet memories of childhood. That vulnerable sincerity, which disappears with years. We do not lose it. We had been selling it step-by-step in parts and took a good price. In exchange we have how this armour of life experience, a skill to wear this armour, pride for its smartness and cool colouring. We have received in return a bulk of capabilities. But, deeply inside our armour that unspent childish particle alone is called to safeguard this cumbersome armour. The main thing in this diversity of selection is not to forget, that the sense of life is life. In harmony of the incompatible is the armour of our discretion and vulnerable sincerity of our childish perception.
And the life is as senseless, as it is wonderful.

This work is dedicated to my friend Igor Sudak.