Irresistible Routine.(21 kb)

Irresistible Routine.From Irresistible Routine triptich
Mixed media on paper. 1999. 22" x 30".

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In each of these works there are three types of clocks: solar, wrist, turret. Wall, electronic, sand, mantelpiece, pocket and standing on the floor.
The time of the day reflects some phase of human life. Let's say, someone saw, that it is one o'clock sharp and rushed for lunch. 18.10 - an old man has finished work, but it is not a break for rest yet. It's 25 minutes to midnight. It is just a minute rest and relaxation. That is any second of our life is sufficient in itself. All of us live only once and we can not live through this second once again, to copy it anew, to rewrite. It is impossible to live by your draft copy, You may live only your own life. Any second of our life is a completely finished art act, it is a picture, which can be taken in a frame, to hang up on the wall to be admired. Each second of life is worthy of life, as any landscape, everything, that exists in life. Each instant is worth living. Any moment is a finished picture, but at the same time it is a part of a large picture under a title "Life". One should stop and see, how much there is in each second of our life, on the one hand, sense, on the other irony, on the third charm, irrespective of whether you are rushing for lunch or having rest in the evening. The sense of life is in life itself. Just in this very second ... What are the subjects in my pictures associated with, a clock or a armchair, a cart or a device - it doesn't matter. What is important, is wherever the cart stood, whatever the floor was - checked; of stone blocks or of grass - any "background" of life is worthy to be put into frame.

This series is dedicated to my friend, a well-known artist Yuriy Gorbachev.