One Way. (35kb)

One Way.From Exuberance Turned to Redundancy series.
Mixed media on paper. 1999. 19,5" x 27,5".

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This work was conceived in America, on the way from California to New York. It was a weekend. My cellular telephone was out of order. The freeway was blocked in an infinite traffic jam. The carpet of cars seemed to be pulling from Los-Angeles up to New York. And even the radio frequency of my telephone was pressed in a hidden ethereal jam. The car is standing, the telephone does not work, I'd like to have a drink. In the rocky mountains of Colorado even a wireless ceases to work. The sense of the road sign "speed limit 30 miles per hour" attains a humiliating tint. But everything ends some time.
There are situations in the world that are so much worse. This one in comparison will seem simply happiness.
There always exists a cause for joy.