Autumn. (26 kb)

Autumn. From Fore Seasons quadriptych
Mixed media on paper. 2000. 21" x 39.5".

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Autumn is nostalgia for summer and comprehension of quick arrival of winter. For each person there comes a period, when he attains experience, luggage, as coaches of a train. In this picture were reflected, on the one hand, nostalgia for the times, when I was younger, when I was growing in an already failed, slow militarised Soviet ideologized system, and, on the other hand, unacceptance of this misshapen system, which any one born there will miss till the end of his life. In this train the steam locomotive is an army, behind it - a coach - an administration in the style of Moscow sky-scrappers, houses of simple citizens, a prison and backyards of the empire, which are so far from the centre, that they may almost forget, from what train they are. They simply live their usual life and do not think either of the main caliber, or about the honour of the banner, or about sounds of hymns, peals of speeches and clanking of the awards.
Any person with years becomes similar to an empire, when the abundance of experience and knowledge starts to turn into complaint, when behind the man, there is a huge tail of failures and achievements. And at the front - not a very long road. It is also a human condition of autumn, when the combats have died down and there comes a fatigue. The person does not fly any more as before, he moves as a steam locomotive along the rails. And it is not easy to turn from this railway - he already stands in frameworks, he should reach a point to turn somewhere. It was in his previous stage that he could move down on the side of the road and across a field and beds to go away to another highway, without waiting for a crossroads.