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Four seasons. Quadriptych.

Any action, both human life, and the life of society, are always divided from the beginning up till the end. It has cycles. Mankind is said to develop on a spiral, and at the same time runs round a circle. Like a year which is divided into seasons, human life also has some phases. These phases of human life are clearly defined. In the life of each of us there are definite stages, like the four seasons in a year. Though, there may not necessarily be 4 seasons for an individual. Some may carry on being in the "stage of the automobile rushing forwards" through all their lives. Each person is free to place "seasons" in relation to his own internal "ego", his own I, his own business.
For example, once I saw a dream, as if I see the "News" programm, where the speaker was reading a government order. As Ukraine has large debts, it has been decided: to return summer to the countries-creditors, and in return to take their winter. That is for us - after spring instead of our summer (which has already been sold) their winter will set in. After which, naturally, there will set in autumn, and further, in full conformity with logic and laws of nature, autumn will be replaced by winter. Probably, it is the most logical nonsense, which I have ever dreamed of. A system can not sell a season in real life, but if we mean season as a human life, the situation is no longer absurd.
Four seasons, as four conditions, four types of movement, four different mechanisms.
The flying gear of Spring is similar to morning (childhood), the automobile of Summer is similar to day (youth), Autumnal structure - to evening (maturity), a Ship of Winter - to night (old age). But an associative series may be much wider.