Skittish Escapade. (29kb)

Skittish Escapade. From Seduction Triptych.
Mixed media on paper. 2000. 17" x 28".

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Here is a man juggling with fishes. They are in constant motion, they are fascinated by this motion. And at the same time they do not perceive what's going on. The vortex of events tightens them in a swirl of the game, and losing orientation, they have no time to follow the change of scenery. As a result they have some computer game. And the person who guides the process, lives fast. This process of seduction goes on easily, naturally. He changes genres and voices, shuffles cards and circumstances, juggles with "fishes" and concepts - simply the fireworks of relations, which start easily and are easily finished. Speed and diversification is the sense of his life. This game has such rules.