Bell's Mill Over The Crossroads. (26kb)

Bell's Mill Over The Crossroads.
Mixed media on paper. 1999. 18" x 27,5".

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I imagend the planet as completely flat, ideally round, as a billiard ball. And a person below - is a supreme creature: God creating Earth. The Moon is a temporary thing, a building van. On the Earth the first brick has already been put in the equator, the first meridian and the first parallel have been marked. The god will have yet to place mountains, to water oceans. Now he has brought some fauna. Just like this on the wheelbarrow as an ordinary gardener. Above the planet there is a building hut - a bell tower mill, there is no wind yet, but when it appears, the mill will start to rotate, creating life.
As the line of the underground starts with the first station, so geography began when someone drew the first parallel, the first meridian. The life on the Earth began with a certain gnat...
The man is based on the whole system of something already seen, something already made, but all the same he will arrange something from this, will add something and make something new. For example, for 7 days he will create the God by his image and similarity. Though, maybe he won't appear to be the first in this, because he himself had been created on... But it is already another story.