Human Nature Flying Over The Progress Symbol.(28kb)

Human Nature Flying Over The Progress Symbol.
Mixed media on paper. 1996. 22" x 27".

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"Human nature", flying above "a symbol of progress"*
These two tags come together in unity and the strife of contradictions. They are fused and at the same time demarcated. They hate one another up to a nausea, but at the same time cannot live without each other. The human nature looks rather repulsive, it bears a rucksack of some oldish bits and pieces on his back, shabby and hardened labels and prejudices. The rucksack is torn down, and the trousers are old-fashioned. The nature is abominably built, it doesn't look human at all. And out of a violin(evidently not a Stradivarius) a machine-gun belt sticks out.
But with all its repulsive appearance it obstinately keeps flying to the sun. And here we see a symbol of progress - an over organised metal construction, maybe very orderly and robust - is sinking to the sea bed. And these two so interdependent, but so different images are obviously moving in opposite directions. Like an individual and a collapsed socialist system.
These two conditions co-exist in me; this internal consent gets on together in strife with inner irreconcilability.
How often, saying one of these tags - "human nature " or "a symbol of progress", - we imply the other. These two title blocks are sometimes opposed to one another; sometimes, on the contrary, they imply one another.

* "Human Nature" is a set phrase in English and Russian.
"Simbol of Progress" is freaquently encountered in Soviet Russian.