Communication of Vessels (28kb)

Communication of Vessels. From Privacy series.
Ink, pen. 1992. 17,5" x 12".

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Philosophies contradict one another. All of them are correct and all of them are wrong, all philosophies have the right to existence. One philosophy follows from another; there doesn't exist a person, for whom a certain philosophy is absolute. But just the combination of mutually-incompatible philosophies creates a sense of life.
In one person there is 0,03 % of Marxism, 5 % of anarchism, 8 % is taken by religion. He is a democrat for 1,4%. For 20 % he likes baseball. Hatred for a soap opera "Dallas" -1,4%. With a tendency of reduction for 0,1 % annually. 0,5 % - invariable with years hostility to the first teacher etc. He consists of this. From a mixture of tastes and philosophies.
Actually all philosophies consist of identical parameters. We are made of one stuff, only proportions of the same things are different.
All disputes, divorces, fights and wars appear from the fact that someone thinks, that his lay out in percents is better, than someone else's.