Trojan Horse. (29kb)

Trojan Horse. From Privacy series
Mixed media on paper. 1992 - 1999. 17,5" x 12".

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In this picture my attitude to civilization is personified. The civilization is a trojan horse, which enters human psychology. It is awful and fine at the same time. With the beginning of civilization people, solving one problems, create other ones. And these problems will be resolved by the creation of yet others. We are a trojan horse. And people sending this trojan horse are very difficult to differentiate from the people, to whom trojan horse is sent, because they simply exchange courtesies. Having had coffee and without finishing a sandwich, people rush to work. Their service, their business of life is sending trojan horses into a surrounding world. They even do not realise in the evening, how many trojan horses the surrounding world has sent to them. There will be a new day tomorrow, people fall asleep, and tomorrow again there will be no time to eat up a sandwich.
If 2 football teams play tomorrow 2:3, then (from the point of view of the trojan horse) people have been scored 5 goals.