Private property. (34kb)

Private property. From Privacy series.
Mixed media on paper. 1992 - 1999. 17,5" x 12".

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The private property - first of all it happens on an inner level, a level of conscious and subconscious. It is a situation, when a person wants to hold something in himself, does not want to bear it out on to the surface, aims to analyse something for himself. The subconscious mind of a person is much more inclined to lock, than to unlock the doors. The subconscious mind locks the approaches to itself by all the possible ways. This picture is like a nightmare of an exhibitionist-consciousness, as consciousness is exhibitional to a subconscious mind, but not on the contrary. Everybody has within his conscious mind a secret, a concealed part locked on all snaps. Is it worth while unlocking this door, to get to the bottom of the essence is a rhetorical question, having no answer. In some cases - yes, in others - no.
Secondly, the whole world is based on the right to private property. This is the right, which the citizens of a totalitarian society I came from were deprived of. What was the basic difference between the USSR and America? These are huge countries, where there are written and unwritten rules. But children in a USSR kindergarten learned that the best person in the world is Lenin, and in America it might be, for example, Lincoln, Jackson, Jefferson. Americans write on the notes " in God we trust ", and we printed a portrait of Lenin, that signified: " in Lenin we trust ". We treated freedom and private property differently. As the years passed I gave up reflecting where I felt better. Simply life for me tastes different on the different shores of the ocean.
I wonder, where is that front line being displaced now, where on the one side it is written TOO PERSONAL, and on the other. WHY NOT?