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Struggle for Survival. (37kb)

Struggle for Survival.
Mixed media on paper. 1996-1998. 31,5" x 25,5".

If on the one side of illustrativeness there is easel painting then on the other one there is cartoon. Here, behind the fence they are not dinosaurs; they are people. Sort of zoo people. This Zoo is their philosophy, their world outlook, their daily strife. We often hurt one another, shoot each other. In business it is considered good to be aggressive. And it is normal - those who punch the road, should be aggressive. Positive aggression is necessary in life, but it is not always necessary to bring up this aggression to the absolute. The aggression is good only to a certain degree. These grenades represent ideas, a sort of unripe fruit. They become red, drop to the ground and burst out. It is a birdie-bomb, a dog, which may bite. Each man is aggressive in his own way. But in some the aggression prevails, and in others becomes unimportant and does not develop at all. But there is a thing stronger than aggression. It is the household routine of every day activities, the monotonous routine of everyday life. What is the revolver pondering on the branches? What subject is the faust-cartridge with a system of volley fire "contemplating"? How many times per day does the double-hole turret admiral go for a walk with his mortar-pitbull? And how many questions can you make up to my answer?
You know, dinosaurs died out not because they were small and weak. It was simply evolution or, in other words, life that fucked them off.